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 The Advantages of Internet Marketing

Non-profits such as ourselves, Corfudogs, are always keeping an eye on budgets and funding. it is rather difficult for us to advertise when there are not enough funding in the budget. Thankfully for us, we were able to partner up with a local California SEO service agency from Sacramento.

In this day and age of massive audiences and high level of demand, internet marketing is the most effective way of achieving organizational goals. That is why we attribute much of our success stories on dog rescues from all over the world to Agencies such as these.

Many top firms are employing the method of internet marketing in order to generate traffic towards their website and attract customers and markets that were previously untapped.

Internet Marketing from Sacramento for the Cause

Marketing Dog

This article demonstrates how internet marketing has grown and the advantages it contains for almost all types of businesses in order to enhance their image and increase traffic towards their company.

Internet marketing, as the name suggests, is marketing or advertisement of a brands products or services done over the internet or online. This is an innovative method of luring in a large number of customers and announcing the business entity to the entire world through the help of the internet.

It has replaced conventional marketing methods such as billboards, radio, newspapers, and TV. Since the turn of the century, numerous top organizations have left other competitors in their wake due to their effective and efficient online methods.


The increase in the use of internet marketing is mainly because of the various advantages that come with its implementation. Some of the top advantages are listed as follows.

Wide Reach: Unlike other traditional means, internet marketing allows companies to reach the extremely high number of potential customers. Through one simple click, a user in one part of the world can be informed about a product or service that is present in the complete opposite part of the world.Cost: One of the biggest advantages of internet marketing is the cost or lack of it associated with the procedure. Advertising through billboard and newspapers is not only time-consuming but also very expensive. Though marketing and service provided to do so, an organization can market their products and services efficiently and increase its impact.

Social: Internet marketing is also a unique way to interact with the past, current, and future customers. Previously it was quite troublesome to interact and know the opinions of customers but it has made that act just a single click away.

Time Effectiveness

In a world where a brands popularity is impacted by the number of likes and hits it gets on social media, internet marketing simply is the top way of promoting and advertising an organization and its products and services.

7Storms.net provides businesses with tools and services that help with getting online presence. They collaborate and partner with clients in order to help them reach wide audiences, avoid costly campaigns, and increase revenue and profits.

Internet marketing can be extremely effective but only when implemented properly and through the right medium. Success and failure can depend on the reactions of consumers regarding a particular online campaign or advertisement.

So it’s of utmost importance that businesses use the right tools and services, which are amply provided by  our recommended SEO firm and the Corfudogs donations hero. It’s the little donations and contributions like this that keeps our operation functional.


Help the Unwanted Animals

Doesn’t it just break your heart when you see an deserted, hungry dog on the street? Isn’t it sad that so many animals are being abused and mistreated? There’s too many abandoned animals in shelters and a lot more being treated for the sicknesses caused by the wrongdoings of their previous owners. They should be our best friends, right? They should be happy, with a family of humans. But instead, these joyful companions are abandoned, without an owner or anyone they could love.

Luckily, there is something you can do to help the poor dogs. You can join a group in Sacramento, CA by participating in a the T-Shirt Fundraiser. Dogs need at least two small meals and a glass of water a day just to survive. Not to mention the veterinarian care they most likely require at least once a month. This fundraiser is supposed to raise money for these poor animals and stop their suffering. A healthy dog is a happy dog.

It’s All for the Cause

It breaks our hearts when we see those abandoned animals without a family. It doesn’t have to be like this. The fundraiser is aimed at helping the dogs, and providing them with food, water. Also, with veterinarian care that they are in dire need of. For the price of just one T-Shirt, we can provide the care for one dog for a month. Every small donation counts, and could be the difference between a starving canine and a content pooch. Without the donations of people like you these animals would suffer and live their lonely, difficult lives .The dogs will surely be happy that someone as generous as yourself has provided them with some care. As well as love, even if it is a lot less than they deserve.

The thousands of homeless animals all require YOUR help. All of the money we make will go to the animals. This means so much to the animals, and they would surely thank you if they could. We know that the people of Sacramento and California are big-hearted and want to help the dogs. And we’re really happy to see this. The fundraiser could save and improve the lives of hundreds of dogs and for just the price of one t-shirt you can join in as well.

Special Thanks

We would also like to thank the generous people at 7Prints for their cooperation. They’re a company that makes excellent t-shirts of all sizes and we get all of the quality fundraiser t-shirts from them.

Be sure to tell your friends about the fundraiser so we could get as many good people to help the animals. Your little bit of money means so much to them and we really appreciate your involvement. Thank you in advance, and thanks on the behalf of the animals!